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Wedding, Keith+Rachel

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I had the pleasure of photographing a client from Central Florida a few weeks ago back at home. It was such a great opportunity off of Lake Monroe in Sanford and I cannot wait to get the photos to Keith and Rachel to see/hear their reactions. Hope you two are having an amazing life together, happily married!


Detail of hair and veil.

On the lake. Beautiful, sunny day in Florida.

You may kiss the bride.

On the patio after the ceremony.

Loved this moment.

Cake cutting; icing ended up all over their faces.

The send off!

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This is my official first blog post. I am kind of nervous about this step, but I know it is for the better of you to know more about me and for me to learn more about myself. Win-win situation.

This blog will do 3 things and also hopefully provide you with 7 images (or more) on some occasions.

I will let you know what is going on in my life in terms of what happened this past week. Many will encompass schooling (yes I have been in it all my life), but in a week I will be back home until January. For now it is finals week and I am stressing out a little bit, but that is normal. I have two photo classes, Color Technique and Large-format Technique. I am doing a double exposure series for color and a painting with light series for large format. Images to come soon!
The blog will keep you up to date on photo shoots I have done. I like to document the world through His lens, as you know. If you do not know, feel free to pay a visit to my website or the info section on my blog. I created throughHislens in a selfish manner in order for you to see what I had to offer, but I think if I as a photographer start to see things though His lens, it will benefit myself and also enlighten you at the same time.
Finally, this blog with show you what inspires me through various links to other photographers, influences, and what keeps me on my toes. We all need that motivation to keep going and so I hope to share some of that with you. That is all in terms of what my blog is or will be. Any suggestions? I am new at this.

I close you out with my first engagement shoot. Thanks a bunch to Nate and Jensey Root for their inspiration through their images, but I also e-mailed and asked for tips which sure payed off. Find them at Rootography.

Engagement Session: Andrew+Jennifer

Andrew+Jennifer (slideshow) – Images by throughHislens|sean wright

Thanks for being on this journey with me,